Emanuel B. Kaplan Award

The Emanuel B. Kaplan Award is presented by the New York Society for Surgery of the Hand in honor of Dr. Kaplan, a great anatomist and educator, who contributed much to the field of hand surgery.  This award is presented at the ASSH Annual Meeting to the author(s) of the presentation judged to best represent “anatomical excellence in surgery of the hand.”

2022- Cancelled due to Covid

2021- "The Changes of Lunate Perfusion after Radial Closing Wedge Osteotomy in Patients with Kienbock's Disease." Ji Sup Hwang, Jihyeung Kim, Jeong Hyun Lee, JungEun Lee, Young Ho Lee, Goo Hyun Baek

2020- Cancelled due to Covid

2019- "Anatomic Evaluation of the Obturator Branch to the Gracilis Muscle to Optimize Its Use as a Free Functional Muscle Transfer for Elbow Flexion Reanimation." Bilal Mahmood MD; Danielle Marshall BA; Scott Wolfe MD; Steve Lee MD; Duretti Fufa MD.

2018- "Arthroscopic Diagnosis of the Traingular Fibrocartilage Complex Foveal Tear: A Cadaveric Assessment." Samir Trehan, Lindley Wall, Ryan Calfee, Tony Shen, Charles Goldfarb

2017- "mproving Nerve Excursion May Decrease Radial Nerve Vulnerability at the Brachium: a Cadaveric Study. Michael Wigton, MD, T. David Luo, MD, Wayne A. Chen, MD, Zhongyu John Li, MD, PhD

2015- "Radiographic Analysis of the Wrist: How Does Distal Radius and Ulna Anatomy Correlate with Lunate Morphology"  Frederic-Charles Cloutier, MD, Parham Daneshvar, MD, Thomas Goetz, MD, Jeffrey Pike, MD

2014- "Muscle Control of the First Carpometacarpal Joint" Mirela Esplugas, MD, Nathalie Mobargha, MD, Alex Lluch, MD, Marc Garcia-Elias, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Hagert, MD, PhD

2013- "Anatomical relationships and branching patterns of the dorsal cutaneous branch of the ulnar nerve" Cassie G. Root, MD, Daniel A. London, MD, Nicole S. Schroeder, MD, Ryan P. Calfee, MD

2012 - "10 Cadaveric dissections of the TFCC sensory innervation and diagnostic algorithm for the treatment of symptomatic TFCC Type 1a injuries" Shar Hashemi, MD, Lee Dellon, MD, Dawn Laparte, MD

2011 - "Thumb CMC Ligaments Inside and Out: A Comparative Study of Arthroscopic and Gross Anatomy"  Andrew Zhang MD, Sara Van Nortwick BA, Elizabeth Hagert MD, Jeffrey Yao MD, Amy Ladd, MD  

2010The DRUJ Stabilizing Mechanism  by Distal Interosseous Membrane in Ulnar Shortening Procedure: A Biomechanical Study
Sayuri Arimitsu, MD, Hisao Moritomo, MD, Takashi Kitamura, MD, Kristin D. Zhao, MA, Kai-Nan An PhD, Marco Rizzo, MD

2009 - Vascularization of the Median Nerve in the Distal Forearm and its Clinical Significance
Thomas Giesen, MD, Robert Acland, MD, David Elliot, FRCS, Sunil M. Thirkannad, MD

2008The “At Risk” Palmar Cutaneous Nerve during Volar Plating of Distal Radius Fractures
Brett Richards, MD, Douglas T. Hutchinson, MD, Kevin Stucki, DO

2007 - The Radial Nerve in the Brachium
Douglas E. Carlan, MD, Jeffrey A. Pratt, MD, Andrew J. Weiland, MD,
Martin I. Boyer, MD, Richard H. Gelberman, MD

2006Anatomical Innervation Patterns of the Elbow for Selective Joint Denervation
Michel Chammas, MD, M. Winter, MD, Bertrand Coulet, MD, Elisabeth Lebreton, MD

2005In vivo Radioscaphoid and Radiolunate Kinematics and the Dart Throwers Motion
Joseph J. Crisco, PhD, Edward Akelman, MD, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD, Scott W. Wolfe, MD

2004  - Sagittal Band Release for the Treatment of Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Extension Lag: An Anatomic Study
Ryan A. Beekman, MD; Amy Abbott, MD; Nathan L. Taylor, MD; and Robert J. Strauch, MD.

2003 - Capitate-Based Kinematics of the Midcarpal Joint During Wrist Radioulnar Deviation
Hisao Moritomo, MD, Tsuyoshi Murase, MD, Akira Goto, MD, Yoshinobu Sato, PhD

2002 - Innervation of the Elbow
Noah. E. Gordon, BA, Justin Tortolani, MD, Thomas M. Brushart, MD

2001 - Lateral Epicondylitis: Anatomic Relationships of the Extensor Tendon Origins for Arthroscopic Treatment
Mark Cohen, MD, Anthony Romeo, MD, Mikhail Gordon, MD

2000 - The Scaphotrapeziotrapezoid Joint: An Anatomic, Radiographic, and Kinematic Study
Hisao Moritomo, MD, Steven F. Viegas, MD, Rita M. Patterson, MD, Koji Nakamura, MD

1999 - The Radiocapitellar Meniscal Complex: Anatomical and Histological Analysis
Andrew E. Caputo, MD, Alan D. Proia, MD, PhD, James R. Urbaniak, MD

1998 Sensory Innervation of the Digits: Anatomical Variations
Heidi Bas, MD, James M. Kleinert, MD

1997 - The Vascularization of the Human Elbow and the Ulnar Nerve Within the Cubital Tunnel
Ken Yamaguchi, MD, Fred A. Sweet, MD, Randip R. Bindra, MD, Richard H. Gelberman, MD

1996 - Vascular and Neural Anatomy of the Hypothenar Eminence of the Hand: Its Surgical Implications
Shohei Omokawa, MD, Jaiyoung Ryu, MD, JungSoo Han, PhD, Jin-Bo Tang, MD

1995 - The Interosseous Membrane and the Longitudinal Stability of the Forearm – An Anatomic and Biomechical Research
Luciano A. Poitevin, MD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1994 - Vascularity of the Distal Radius: Clinical Implications for Harvesting of Distal Radius Vascularized Bone Grafts
Hill Hastings II, MD, Carlos R. Zaidenberg, MD

1993 - Anatomical Variations of Ulnar Nerve at the Wrist With a New Classification System for Hypothenar Muscle Innervation
John Lindsay, MD, Denton Watumull, MD